The Rocket Reel Company
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Since 1988 we have been constantly developing new products in order to meet the needs of long distance casters for fishing and Tournament Casting, matching the advances of technology as they continue to cast into the new millennium. We strive to deliver the solution required by our client’s needs when aiming to achieve maximum casting potential from their equipment. Our vision is to provide these solutions to every angler and distance caster across the globe.

In the mid 1980’s Tony Gittins; leading East Coast match fisherman and ex United Kingdom Surf-Casting Federation (UKSF) Secretary, stumbled upon what can only be described as the distance casting fisherman’s Holy Grail………

Since the early days of distance fishing from the shore and Tournament Casting, many long distance casters knew that the performance of their reels and ultimately the distance cast would be improved by the application of “the perfect” lubricant to their bearings when “tuning” reels. The only problem was that nobody knew if such a lubricant existed and if it did where to look for it! Over the years many different household and commercial products were tried and tested by casters, and although some had their qualities, none of them showed any real impact in improving the way a reel behaved when casting and most importantly the casting distance that could be achieved.

Then the breakthrough came. Simply through a chance conversation, Tony (TG as he’s known to many people) discovered a type of lubricant never used in this application before. After exhaustive tests TG was sure he had found what many had been looking for, for so long. A lubricant that in effect controlled the entire behaviour of the bearings (and reel) when casting long distances, a lubricant with perfect viscosity, that wouldn’t evaporate, emulsify, congeal, wash off or throw off. A lubricant that was non-corrosive or caustic thus preventing any damage to the reel and one that not only has a wide temperature range but also stays clear and clean. Ultimately a lubricant, which enabled the caster to achieve maximum distance, time after time without using the mechanical end cap in a totally free running reel. The ultimate liquid control.

This is what the serious long distance caster and fisherman had been waiting for…….

With many contacts in the match fishing world and the UKSF, TG set to trialing (see tests) what he thought was the magic formula with other respected members of the distance casting community who were not only speechless as to how he had discovered the formula but also all in agreement that this was THE lube they had all been searching for.

Following the massive success of the release in 1988 of the first Lube “Rocket Fuel Yellow Label” which was primarily intended for use with the classic centrifugally braked ABU Ambassador Multiplier, the team at TG Developments has since developed an entire range of tuning products to suit all reels used for distance casting. Around the world whether on a Tournament Court, on the shoreline, out to sea or sitting on a lake, if it’s a Multiplier that’s being used, to achieve maximum distance the bearings inside must be using RocketFuel.

Following on from the success of Rocketfuel, the team became involved with developing ceramic bearings to further enhance the reel’s performance. The world of miniature ball bearings is a total jungle with very many different products all built to differing quality specifications by different manufacturers. After much research, we came to the conclusion that what we required for our specific application was a “hybrid” ceramic ball bearing, with Silicon Nitride ceramic balls running on a stainless steel race, inside a stainless steel cage with stainless steel dust shields for protection. We wanted them to be of the highest quality available, ABEC 7; to be manufactured “dry”, and to be stamped on the outside of the stainless steel cage for identification.  Since their introduction we have continually expanded our product range, to keep up with all of the latest in the most popular reel designs.

The TG-F1 was very well received when we first introduced it in 2008, indeed it’s great for us to see these reels coming in for the occasional service, & performing just as well as when they first left us.  We have over the years introduced many improvements to virtually all of our components & are pleased to say that over 95% of our parts are made in England.  Our reels & upgrade parts have been involved in setting casting records across the globe, yet our reels are docile enough for the most average of casters.  If you care to have a look at our “Parts & Upgrades” section you’ll be able to see the many improvements that we have made to those parts that are usually hidden from view.